[Seoul - Anguk] Mirror Room - Stylish modern cafe in a traditional hanok

If you are looking for a hanok cafe experience, but coffee is more your thing, check out Mirror Room in Samcheongdong!

My friend and I wanted to check out this stylish cafe in a hanok after visiting Samcheongdong.

It's actually really small, maybe about 15 seats outside and then about 20 seats inside (it looks like more, but that's all thanks to the mirrors).

If you're not super familiar with what a hanok is, it's a Korean traditional architecture style. There's the Bukchon Hanok Village adjacent to Samcheongdong. The cafes in the Hanok Village are very traditional style, selling mainly traditional Korean tea experiences and traditional desserts, which may or may not be your thing.

Since my friend and I have been living in Korea for some time, we were not really interested in dealing with the crowds for that experience since we can make the traditional teas at home.

We were both also in need of a mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-up, so we headed to Mirror Room.

I chose the milk tea (left) and my friend had a caffe latte (right). The cup/saucer sets are quite cute and modern. I really liked my cup/saucer because it really fit the mirror aesthetic.
As you walk along the east-west road directly to the north of the contemporary art museum, you'll come across a line of cafes. Mirror Room is one of those cafes. This is the angle you'll see when you get there.

This is really trippy actually. The room really looked a lot bigger, but it's really a narrow cafe. I actually saw some cafe patrons try to walk through the mirror because the cafe kept the mirrors so extremely clean.

The hanok design is really great and perfect for spring/summer! They open the windows and the breeze comes in. It also makes the room seem so much larger.

The cafe also does a great job at bringing nature in by putting freshly cut flowers inside.

This is a full view of the menu! It's a little on the pricier side, but that's to be expected given its location.

I was honestly a little tempted by the cakes, but I had eaten so much that day that I couldn't justify the purchase. We ate at Onmaul (fresh, homemade soft tofu restaurant) right before coming to the cafe, so we were both just in need of a relaxing beverage.

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