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[K-Beauty] Missha Total Repairing Hand Cream

I have been trying this Missha Total Repairing Hand Cream for a while now and finally have an opinion about it.

I actually got a few of these and gave them as presents because when I sampled it in store, it seemed like it would be nice and my hands felt soft after trying it.

It's also a perfect size to keep in your purse.

It's not too greasy, which is nice. It's not very thick, which is kind of nice if you don't want something heavy.

What I didn't notice in the store is the fragrance...because I was inundated with other scents from the store at the time. It's kind of strong and isn't a smell I like...not at all a scent I like. It smells like a strange combination of fake baby powder, clean linen scent, and some sort of fruit (?).

Even with the strange scent, I decided to go through with using the entire tube. I thought maybe it would help my hands, lighten them, smooth them out, and generally de-age them.

It did make them slightly smoother, at first. However, it was maybe just an effect of using hand cream. It was not a long-lasting change. It also didn't make my skin lighter as was advertised.

Overall, I probably would not repurchase because of the scent. There are plenty of other small hand creams I can keep in my purse, like all of the Innisfree hand creams (Amazon link), with much better scents.

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