[Snack Attack - Japan] Tohato Green Tea Caramel Corn

I alluded to this Green Tea Caramel Corn a few weeks ago in my "Japan Souvenirs Post" (link here).

Here is the promised post about these little guys!

So, my all time favorite are still the OG red bag caramel corn because they're so buttery and have a really light/thin caramel coating and I like the added texture/flavor with the peanuts. It's like a lighter, less sugary Cracker Jack.

So, since I was on my matcha kick, I was excited when I saw this guy staring at me from on the shelf at my neighborhood grocery store.

As with the red bag, these are a really light and airy puffed corn snack. It's covered with a light/thin layer of matcha flavoring. It's a little sweet, but not overly so. I was also kind of pleasantly surprised that the coating was actually stuck on it, not like a powdered coating or anything like that (I'm not sure why I thought it'd be powdered green tea, but I kind of did).

The flavor is definitely sweeter than the Morinaga Bake Matcha Chocolates I wrote about last week. They're just very different textures, but both super satisfying to try.

The one disconcerting thing about this particular snack is the shape/color combo. Maybe it's because I'm immature or something, but they kind of looked like green goose poops to me. Once you get over the appearance and are able to ignore that, it's a really satisfying snack.

As with the red bag, it's SUPER easy to eat a whole bag without really noticing. Since it's green, I like to pretend it's healthy for me, but I know deep in my heart that that's a lie.

If I had to choose, I would definitely buy more of the red bags on my next trip and maybe leave this one behind. I like it, but I would rather have just one more bag of the red OG flavor. (Btw, I found a deal on Amazon for the red bag that brings the price per bag to about the Japanese price, isn't that crazy? (affiliate link here)*
*If you decide to purchase I may get a slight percentage of the price you pay. I use the money to buy snack and beauty products for future blog posts

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