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[Osaka] MOS Burger - Made-to-Order Burgers and Fries

MOS Burger is a Japanese fast food chain, second only to McDonalds in the number of outlets in Japan.

One of the best things about MOS Burger is that the burgers and fries are made to order. So, although you have to wait a couple of minutes, the food is served to you fresh and still hot.

I just went with a Teriyaki Burger and a onion potato set. This included fries, onion rings and a soda. I went with a melon soda because it's only available in Japan. In terms of burgers, there were plenty of more unique menu options to be had.

The lettuce was still quite fresh, like not limp and kind of soggy and the tomatoes were also quite fresh. The burger was quite flavorful and was cooked just the way I like it.

It is kind of the same size as a McDonald's patty, so it's not larger like a Shake Shack patty. So, if you usually get a double at McDonald's you probably want to add a second patty to yours.

This is the onion potatoes. My Japanese friend told me I needed to get this because it's what MOS Burger is kind of famous you the option of having fries and onion rings. 
This is my friend's MOS Burger with Onion Potato Set. She doesn't like mayonnaise, so that's why she went with the MOS Burger.

It was nice to see on the menu that there are options for non-meat eaters. You can get soy patty burgers aplenty and they can all come with the same toppings as the meat patties. They also have rice burgers in case you're not that into bread. Instead of buns, they are replaced with cakes of rice. The Natsumi burgers come with lettuce instead of bread. If burgers are not your thing, there are also hot dogs and soups. (click the menu image to see the full image of the menu).

Official menu here
The particular location we visited was slightly strange, though...nothing worrisome, just a little strange. The second floor was like a study room. Everyone was in there reading, doing homework, etc. and it was so silent. It was like eating in the silent floor of a library.

My friend was kind of excited about finding this out because she wanted to find a new study spot and because MOS Burger's coffee is so much cheaper than at other cafes in the area. She went back the next day and then another few days after and said it was not a strange oddity of the day we were really was a study room.

If you want to know where in Osaka this was, leave a comment below and I'll send you the exact address. :)

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