[Minnesota - White Bear Lake] Pizzeria Pezzo

I recently won an Instagram drawing for a $50 gift card to Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake from an Instagram giveaway from @foodieapolis.

I sent my parents to scope it out.

This post is NOT sponsored, which will definitely be obvious as you read (I also didn't edit the content, nor did I try it myself, so I think you should try it for yourself and let me know what you think! 

Three adults went together to scope out Pizzeria Pezzo, 2143 Fourth St., White Bear Lake, MN, on a recent Saturday evening. We’d heard good things and we’ve been trying lots of pizza places in the Twin Cities this year, so we were eager to try it. 

If we were rating it on a star system, it would get 2.66 stars. Sorry!

We had made a plan before going: follow the advice of the people who recommended it. We ordered two Coal Fired Pizzas.

The meat lovers in the group really liked the meat on the #5: meatballs, pepperoni, fennel sausage and prosciutto. The veggie lovers were OK with the #7, with tomato, arugula, and prosciutto.

All three of us agreed that Pezzo’s coal fired pizzas needed more sauce. There was just something not quite right about them and we all finally concluded we all are sauce lovers and needed more sauce.
I thought the pizzas had too much char from the coal fire, but our friend really liked it and argued that char was a good sign of a really good coal-fired pizza. I concluded, then, that I don’t like coal fired pizza. When he said that’s the kind we had at Black Sheep, I said I hadn’t liked that either!

One challenge we faced was watching servers carry Chicago deep dish pizzas past us as we waited for our order. With each one, we regretted even more not trying one of those. 

Before the pizza came, we tried two of their small plates. All sounded really good, but the Coal Roasted Lemon Basil Chicken Wings were the best. We’d go back just for an order of those. The onion-hater in our trio simply scraped off the caramelized onions. All of us loved the lemony taste and thought the wings were very nicely cooked.

The Baked Cipollini and Whipped Cheese, though, was disappointing. Was merely a hot dip of mostly melted cheese. The onion lover in the group could hardly taste this veggie. The cheese was overpowering.

The dipping bread was excellent. Just a touch of garlic on excellent focaccia.

No matter what you order, expect to take some home with you. Like everyone we saw leaving, we carried out pizza, wings, and bread.

Finally, the room was large and very noisy. Pezzo seems to attract large groups, maybe because their salads come family style and their deep dish pizza works best shared. We waited 30 minutes to be seated when we arrived at 7 p.m. and our food was slow in coming. 

We’ve enjoyed pizza in some nice cozy locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul with faster service so were thrown off by the size of Pezzo and the rush of servers. 

Will we go back? One voted an eager “yes” and two said “no,” with disappointment in their voices. 

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