[Snack Attack - Singapore] OWL Instant Coffee - Singapore Brand

I don't usually drink instant coffee, especially in Asia, but I received these samples of OWL instant coffee and decided to just try them out.

I think this is a Singaporean brand, but I'm not sure. I just know that there were A TON of varieties in Singapore during my visit. Does anyone know?

Anyway, it is now available in Korea - I saw it in Olive Young, so I guess they got their importer. This was a promotional pack because they were trying to gain a market presence in Korea and were shopping around for an import company to sponsor the licensing (sorry, my trade Korean vocabulary is decent, but my English knowledge/understanding of foreign trade is quite elementary).

Since it was a promotional pack, there were three sticks inside - one of each flavor.

1 Strong - 3-in-1; this one was my favorite. I guess if I were to describe it, it would be like you put double the coffee granule scoops than was recommended on the jar of Taster's Choice brand (I think that's an instant coffee brand) and then combined it with creamer and sugar.

1 Coffee Creamer - this one was not very sugary, but very creamy. I think this is a good middle of the road flavor if you're trying to buy for a group.

1 Regular - 3-in-1 - this was crazy sugary. I would not drink this one again, but I could definitely see why some people would like it. If you're familiar with Korean mix coffee, this is even more sugary than the Maxim White.

This is some of the background info on the OWL brand, just in case you're curious.

In general, you mix it with about 150 mL water. Depends on how you would prefer the flavor to be, obviously. It also is not supposed to be made with boiling water. It should be 80 degrees Celsius.

I usually make instant coffee with the hot water spigot at work, so it's kind of never boiling water anyway. But it was the perfect temperature for this.

Oh, and my life hack for Korean mix coffee if your company provides it for you and you don't want to waste your hard-earned money on overpriced coffee, pinch the bottom of the pouch (maybe about 1cm or so? I'm terrible at measurements). That way you can control the amount of sugar and creamer that goes in your cup. Then, you don't drink crazy sugary coffee.

Unfortunately, that hack doesn't work for OWL Brand.

Overall, I could tell that the coffee flavor was really good and strong quality, not like Maxim brands, etc. However, it was too sugary. I think they made these promotional packs with the Korean palate in mind.

That being said, when I was in Singapore, I definitely looked for OWL products and found a ton to try. More on that later, perhaps. There are plenty of other OWL flavors in Singapore with farrrrrr less sugar and cream.

So, I did like this brand and did seek it out, but I don't think I would go for the Regular flavor. The strong one was definitely more my speed...as a treat.

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