[Snack Attack - Korea] Bite-sized Ramen Snacks 쫄병 (2 flavors!)

Nongshim ramen noodle snacks are now out in Korea!

Ramen snacks have been a thing for a long time, but most seemed so messy to me. Most were just a regular block of ramen, but you were able to sprinkle some seasoning on it and then just bite the square of ramen. That's not my thing, so I was super excited when I found these in my local super.

These are made by Nongshim, aka the brand that makes some of the most famous Korean ramyun (ie. Shin Ramyun, Chapagetti, Neoguri Ramyun variety pack etc.) and also some of the more popular Korean chips (ie. honey sticks, shrimp sticks, sweet potato chips, onion rings, snack variety pack, etc.).

So, basically, the perfect brand to create this snack successfully, so my hopes were high.

The red pack on the left is spicy noodle flavor and the one on the right is charcoal barbecue flavor.

I was torn between which to try first....the characters on both of the packages were so weird that they were cute.

Spicy Noodle:

I went with the spicy noodle flavor first. The first thing to note is that the pictures on the package (the noodle pictures, not the cartoons, were actually pretty accurate in appearance and size. I wish I could find the picture I took of the crackers, but alas I cannot.

I was expecting the flavor to be like Shin Ramyun flavor packs, but it wasn't that flavor, so I was trying to place if maybe it was the Neoguri flavor (if you can't tell I have eaten a lot of instant noodles), but it wasn't seafood-y.

So the actual flavor wasn't too spicy, so don't worry if Shin Ramyun is too spicy for you. It was kind of sweet actually. I was kind of expecting it to be a powdery flavoring, but to my pleasant surprise it was actually a glazed sort of flavoring, so it is kind of shiny and sticky (does that make sense)?

It had a nice crunch and was semi salty, but I definitely remember the sweet flavor more than the spicy or salty flavor.

Charcoal barbecue:
So, this one I had all sorts of strange expectations, like I kind of expected it to be weird like these steak potato chips I tried (review here). But, really didn't know what it would taste like.

Again, the picture on the outside is kind of surprisingly accurate in terms of size and appearance. Again, not powdery flavoring, so it was again kind of glazed.

Flavor-wise, it was not that meaty, thankfully. It was kind of just smokey and tasted like meat seasonings and liquid smoke. It wasn't too memorable, the crunch was the same. 

It also wasn't too salty, which was nice, too.

Overall, I wasn't blown away by these snacks, so I'll just stick to my potato chips, but try it out if you're an instant noodle lover on the go like me.

Now that I think about it, these are probably good snacks to eat with beer.

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