[Seoul - Incheon Airport] Sobok Ice Cream - Natural (r)ice cream

Sobok is an ice cream shop that emphasizes nature. The main location is in Hongdae, but there's also a location in Incheon Airport!

So, I have failed every single time I have tried to get an ice cream at the Hongdae location. They only make X number of ice creams per day and since I worked outside of Seoul for most of my time in Korea...like way outside Seoul and also lived in Gangnam, it took a lot of effort to get to Hongdae. Every time, I was always apparently X+3 or something...one time I even saw them put the "sold out" sign on the door.

Anyway, I got the original ice cream flavor, the unfiltered rice ice cream (dairy-free). There's a second flavor now, too, the matcha/green tea flavor. You can either choose to get the soft serve or else get the ice cream balls.

It's just so cute! I didn't know that rice ice cream could actually be so creamy! It's made with a combination of white rice and brown rice. All of the ingredients are organic and natural.

Obviously, the interior of the main shop is much nicer. It's nice and clean/crisp looking, but the one downside of that shop is that there aren't many chairs inside. The airport location has...well, the entire food court for you to sit in. It's kind of tucked away on the second floor of the departures (outside security), so there are not that many people up there.

There's actually one of the injeolmi ice cream balls on the side if you wanted to try it. There are also some jellies and a flower...I'm honestly not sure if it's an edible flower...

The flavor is really nice. It's not a sweet ice cream. You can really taste the kind of nutty/grainy flavor of the rice. It's kind of comforting, honestly. 

Also, as an FYI for other possibly lactose-sensitive individuals, you know the fear when something is "dairy free" in a foreign country, but sometimes it's not TRULY dairy free. I had no stomach problems afterwards...and I may have been panicking about it before getting on my flight to America. Yeah, not the best thing to test out, but not able to change the decision now.

This is the main menu:
There are English translations on it.

This is the drink/set menu with no English translations. I'll try and summarize below for you:
Left side: There are two drinks they are highlighting as "healthy drinks": the brown one is made from 10 different grains; the green one is green tea. They are made every morning by roasting the grains for 2 hours in milk.

Set top row:
Bingsu Set: 11,500 is for bingsu + americano; 8500 is just the bingsu
Sobok Ice Cream Set: 8200 ice cream + americano; 5200 just ice cream
Sobok Injeolmi Ice Ball: Americano set is 10,500; just the ice balls 7500
Sobok sweet potato ice cream set: Amercano set is 8500 and just the Sobok goguma ice cream is 5500

Top row: Sobok dalgodeureum; Sobok green tea dalgodeureum; Sobok latte; Green tea latte; burnt rice (nurungji) coffee; americano
Bottom: cafe latte; iseul tea (dewdrop tea - hydrangea tea); green tea; jamong (grapefruit) tea; yuja (citron) ade; jamong (grapefruit) ade 

Bottom row boxes:
You can take home some gift sizes of the injeolmi ice balls
Small (9 pieces) - 7500 KRW; medium 18 pieces - 13,500 KRW; large (27 pieces) - 19,500 KRW

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