[Seoul - COEX Mall] Jeju's Kimmanbok Abalone Premium Kimbap New Location

In researching restaurants and cafes that have appeared in Seoul in the past year, in preparation for my trip in May, I read that Jeju's Kim Man Bok Abalone Kimbap (original post) shop has opened a location in Seoul's COEX mall!

Now, I'm just going to copy and paste my info from my previous post. :)

Here are the menu translations! (There wasn't an English or picture menu available when I went, so I made sure to get a good picture of the menu for you!)

Left-hand menu is for beverages:
3500 KRW - Dutch coffee (they make the Dutch coffee in-house)
1000 KRW - Water
1500 KRW - Sprite

Right-hand menu is the food menu:
5500 KRW - Kimbap
5000 KRW - tong jeon bok joo meok bap Abalone rice ball
6500 KRW - jeonbok cup bap Abalone cup rice
4500 KRW - ojingeo moochim Spicy seasoned squid salad
6500 KRW - seong-ge miyeokguk Sea urchin seaweed soup
7500 KRW - wang jeonbok jook Abalone rice porridge
7000 KRW - jeonbok seong-ge hae mul myun Abalone sea urchin seafood noodles

If you try any of the other menu items I didn't have a chance to try, let me know what you think in a comment below!

We decided to go for the original kimbap. It has a sweet egg custard omelet in the middle and is topped with sesame seeds and wrapped in seaweed.
We also got the rice ball. It is topped with an abalone, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. This really was a LOT more food than it appeared to be when ordering. It was served warm and was extremely savory. In the middle of the rice ball, the sweet egg custard omelet makes another appearance. So good!

We also got the abalone jook (abalone rice porridge). This, too, was a ton of food...and quite cheap, actually. I'm kind of used to paying like 9,000KRW for juk. It has pieces of cut abalone throughout the bowl and there's also an ample amount of sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Just a warning, the porridge is made to order, so you might have to wait like 10-20 minutes. They told us 20 minutes, but the order was ready when we went to check on it after exploring the area for 10 minutes.

I definitely recommend you check it out. It makes a great snack or a take-and-go food for the beach. There are other menu items I didn't have a chance to try.

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