[Seoul - Samcheongdong] Miss Lee's Cafe - bingsu and Korean traditional tea

I stopped by another location of Miss Lee's Cafe (별다방 미스리), this time in Samcheongdong.

Previous post about Insadong cafe here.

This location is cute, you go up a few stairs, making sure to take a picture with Miss Lee on the bench outside, of course.

When you go inside, there's two floors. We sat in the top floor, it's more traditional Korean style. You sit on seat cushions on the floor. Make sure you take off your shoes first!

It's so cute! You order at the counter on the main floor. There are some upholstered chairs and couches on the main floor, too. These are more "Western style."

As with the other Miss Lee Cafe locations, you can write little messages and tie them to the decor.

We got the Byeldabang Ice Flakes with Injeolmi in pot, a jujube latte (the white one), and a honey jujube tea.

As always, the teas were the right richness - not too watery and not too concentrated. The latte was kind of interesting actually, I've never tried a latte before at Miss Lee. It's creamy and it honestly brought out more of the nutty (?) flavors of the jujube.

The bingsu is so cute here. It comes in one of those metal pots you always see people boiling ramyun in on Korean dramas. The flavor is really great, really milky, sweet, and tastes more wholesome than the injeolmi bingsu at Sulbing, for instance. Unlike Sulbing's bingsu, it's also topped with whole nuts. It's also topped with a scoop of ice cream. So cute!

Oh, in case you don't know, injeolmi is a type of dduk (Korean rice cake) that is covered with some sweet bean flower. Sometimes people think it refers to the powder on the Sulbing's bingsu, but nope, it's the little dduk on top :)

As with the other locations, you can get free refills of your drink! You just have to make sure that everyone in your party orders something.
Another great thing about this location is that if you're not that into shopping, you can rest here with the free wifi, free refills, and comfy sofas.

This is the menu from the previous post, but all the locations have the same menu.

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