[NYC - Nolita] Bulletin - Female-run boutique filled with female-run brands

In honor of International Women's Day today, there are two posts!

I wanted to introduce you to Bulletin, which is a shop run by women and filled with products created by women!

I went to the Nolita location, but there's also a location in Brooklyn.

If you're not in NYC, make sure to check out their website here: https://bulletin.co/

And, just so you know, a portion of the proceeds of your purchase benefits Planned Parenthood NYC.

So many of the items are so clever! I just took a few pictures for you to see the setup and get a sense of the cool items that are available.

Also, the blue one is my favorite...ever! 

Tote bag and keychain created by females, sold by females, to a female.

Nolita: 27 Prince Street
Williamsburg: 145 Wythe Ave