[NYC - Nolita] New Territories NY - Bubble waffle and ice cream; Instafamous milkshakes

I finally got to try the bubble waffle and ice cream at New Territories NY when Marissa visited.

We had the rose and black tea bubble waffle (B with the Rose) with honeycomb ice cream, a ginger snap, dried rose petals, and chocolate shavings.

The best part was definitely the waffle. There's actually little dried rose petals mixed in the batter. As a result, some of the bubbles actually have little rose pieces in them. This was great because the rose flavor was found throughout the waffle.

The ice cream was delicious, but a little too sweet for us. It was definitely very rich ice cream with a LOT of sugar. Since they added the honeycomb/honey to it, the base could probably have been with less sugar.

They are large portions, so I'm definitely glad we shared.

Near the end of our experience, we noticed you can buy the waffles by themselves. I would definitely go again. But, I would probably just get the waffle though.

Also, they offer vegan options for ice cream, so that's a plus. Yay to options for lactose-sensitive people and vegans!

Sorry, the glare was crazy! The middle part of the menu is for their signature milkshakes..which are crazy and Instafamous. The right hand side lists the specialty ice cream cones.


We went on Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year, so we got a red envelope with a BOGO coupon and the interior of the shop was decorated for the holiday.

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