[NYC - Ktown] Grace Street - Bingsu

Grace Street is a cute Korean cafe right in Ktown and it has the best bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) in New York City's ktown.

During the day it is self-service (you seat yourself, you order at the counter and pick up your tray, etc.), but after 6PM it changes to table service, which is a kind of interesting concept, in my opinion.

So, you know I love bingsu (Korean shaved ice). For a while it was really hard to find bingsu in NYC, but now, Grace Street is my go-to.

There are pre-selected toppings, but you can also create your own if you're feeling adventurous and you trust yourself to make good decisions.

So, my favorite ice cream flavor of all time is definitely black sesame. If I could have black sesame ice cream every day, I am not sure I would get sick of it.

So, I was SUPER excited when I saw Grace Street has it. Luckily, my friend is also obsessed with black sesame. It made the choice easy for us.

If you've never tried black sesame before, I would definitely recommend trying it here. It's quite well-made and tastes quite authentic, actually.

We got The OG. It's a combination of what I love on my bingsu. It is a black sesame and sweetened condensed milk base, topped with misugaru (grain powder), dduk (or mochi...as they say in the menu). On the side, you'll find sliced fresh strawberries and a scoop of red beans. It's kind of nice, in my opinion, that they put the red beans on the side since it's kind of an acquired taste and I'm not sure everyone would love it if it was on the top.

The portion is a bit small, though, but for NYC the price is kind of reasonable. It's enough to share among two people, but it'd be quite a stretch to try to squeeze in a third.

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