[DC - CityCenter] Milk Bar

Last time I was in DC, I checked out Milk Bar in CityCenter DC.

We decided to split a cereal milk shake. I've been to Milk Bar in New York, so I was curious how the DC location would compare.

Answer: pretty comparable flavor-wise, but the service was a bit off that day, maybe? 

I'm never blown away by Milk Bar, to be completely honest. I definitely do applaud them for making a crazy empire off of what's basically home baking, though.

Since we were meh about buying desserts that looked like ones we could make at home, we decided to go for the cereal milk shake. The cereal milk soft serve with the cereal pieces on the outside is the Instafamous menu item, but we didn't want to hassle with eating a soft serve. 
We decided to get the Crunchy Cereal Shake. Let me just say it was A LOT of shake. Luckily Marissa likes ice cream, so she was able to eat it all. I would never be able to eat that much ice cream. We both agreed the the cereal crunchies on top definitely saved the shake. Other than that, we thought it was a cool concept, but it was otherwise kind of forgettable. We kind of were expecting more dimensions in the flavor than we were given. It just tasted like sweet milk.
We probably should have had the soft serve.

Here's the case of the baked goods we could have had.
This is a look at part of the interior. There are a few standing bar areas near the window. There were five customers in the store, including us, and the area was pretty much full. So, it's not a place to go to hang out, but compared with the East Village location, there are a few places to stand and eat .

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