[Ottawa] JOEY Lansdowne - global fusion food

On a recent trip to Ottawa, we stopped by JOEY Lansdowne, a global fusion kitchen, for dinner.

The location is near TD Stadium and Lansdowne Park, which is a great location for Ottawa Fury fans, either pre- or post-game.

I was on a bit of a tuna kick, so I got the Yellowfin Tuna salad. The tuna was lightly seared, so it was still rare on the inside. The dressing was very flavorful. At first, it seemed like maybe this wasn't going to be enough food, but it ended up being the perfect amount and not too heavy. It was a nice light dinner. It was slightly over-dressed for my tastes, but it still pretty good nonetheless.

This is the Chicken Katsu Salad. As the name suggests, it's mainly a fried chicken cutlet. The presentation is quite nice. Overall, the combination of textures was key to the success of this salad. The crunchiness added an extra dimension to a salad. It's a perfect salad for someone who's hesitant to go all in on salads, but is wanting to add a bit more green to their life...it's still fried chicken afterall.

This is the hand-pressed burger. It was pretty good, not too memorable either way, so it's a good staple, I guess. The fries were my favorite style - skinny fries. The bun was nice and fresh, not too mushy or too dry.

This is the California Chicken Sandwich, it's topped with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and cheddar cheese and comes with a side of skinny fries. The spicy mayonnaise made this sandwich unique. It was a good balance of spicy and smoky. The chicken breast was cooked properly and not too dry.

Right when you enter, you will see the open kitchen design, including the cooks working on sushi, etc.

I got the Elderflower Collins cocktail and it was pretty good. I was kind of on an elderflower kick at that time. It was good, but not super great. But, as I'm writing this, I'm sitting in NYC, so the thought of a cocktail only costing 7.75 CAD is crazy to me.

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