[NYC - Soho] Bar Pa Tea - Bubble tea

My friend and I stopped by Bar Pa Tea for some bubble tea after lunch at Bali Kitchen.

I had been here a few weeks prior to check out the bubble tea ice cream, which reminds me...I haven't written about that yet.

This time, we opted to just get bubble tea.

After much deliberation, I opted to get the Matcha Green Tea Latte (right) with mixed bubbles.

My friend ordered the Oolong Matcha Tea Latte (left), also with mixed bubbles.

Visually, in person, the two lattes look basically identical, so much so that we thought maybe they messed up the order, but now looking at the picture on my PC, I see that there was a slight difference between the two.

My friend tried her drink, too, after we both said that we thought that the two drinks were identical and she wasn't really able to taste much of a difference between her Oolong Matcha and my regular Matcha.

I did appreciate that you could choose the sugar level, which is a pretty common choice you can make, but it's nice nonetheless.

One of the unique things about Bar Pa Tea, or at least for NYC, is that they offer two different sizes of bubbles. One being the regular/typical tapioca pearl size and the other being a mini tapioca ball.

If you want to add bubbles to your order, you have the choice between the two, or, for the indecisive among us, like myself, you can get a combination/mixed bubble concoction.

There aren't very many seats in the store, maybe about 12 total, and only 2 tables. There is a narrow bar off to one side, though.

The logo is just the cutest, though...don't you think?

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