[NYC - Central Park West] Nougatine at Jean-Georges (Restaurant Week Winter 2018)

It's Restaurant Week!! I'll try and update quickly this time as I go to restaurants.

The first on the list this year was Restaurant Week Dinner at Nougatine at Jean-Georges.

Make sure to snag your reservation at OpenTable.
Prix-fixe 3-course:
Lunch $29 | Dinner $42
Some restaurants have supplemental menus and items.

This menu is pescatarian-friendly and also omnivore-friendly.

Luckily for us, the menu had only 2 options for each course, so we were able to try everything on the menu.

This was probably THE BEST restaurant week experience I’ve ever had. The service was SO attentive and great and the food didn’t seem like they had premade a ton of it in anticipation for people choosing the restaurant week menu (also evidenced by the fact that the courses didn’t come out boom boom right after we ordered and the plates weren’t suspiciously hot).

If you've never been to this restaurant, it's kind of sneaky. The super famous (read: fancy) Jean-Georges is in the back, but the Nougatine is the more casual restaurant and is in the front.
Jean-Georges has a strict dress code. Men must wear jackets, etc. They do have 7 loaner jackets, but there's only 7 and the hostess said that those are for instances when they sometimes make exceptions if it's a party of 8 and only 1-2 people don't have jackets.

Anyway, this one does not require a jacket, but these are the notes listed in the reservation confirmation:
Grace Period:
Please note that the restaurant offers guests a 20-minute grace period for late arrivals & incomplete parties. Reservations will respectfully be postponed to the next available seating once the grace period expires.

Dress Code:
Lunch and Dinner are smart-casual attire. Please note shorts, t-shirts, sneakers or sandals are not permitted.

Children 3 and older are welcome to join adults dining in the restaurant. Please note that strollers and bassinets are not permitted, however high chairs are available. 
 It seems like a common/nice place to go for after-dinner drinks, etc.

We decided to add some drinks. They do have a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails. We got the Passion Fruit Whiskey Fizz and the Ginger Lime Nojito (non-alcoholic).
The Passion Fruit Whisky Fizz was so good. It was fruity, but not too fruity. The Ginger Lime Nojito was actually quite nice, too. They didn't skimp on the non-alcoholic beverage.
So, it may be lame, but the pre-dinner bread was so good. It was dense, but still flavorful and fluffy at the same time.

This is the tomato soup with sourdough and white cheddar. It was really hearty and comforting. Not too salty and not too acidic.

This is the sea trout sashimi. This one was so nice. I've never had anything like it before. The pistachios on top added a crunchy texture to the soft texture of the trout. The mint and citrus flavors were also nice together. You can control how citrus-y it is to a point since you squeeze your own lime wedge.

We were kind of shocked by the portion size, to be quite honest. 

This is the flounder. It was a bit saltier than I expected. It was lightly fried, so it was slightly crisp on the outside and then soft on the inside. I really enjoyed all of the different textures.

This is the chicken option. We were a little leery about how a chicken and vegetable could be that good, but just so you know IT CAN. This is a hefty portion - my guess is it was like a half pound of chicken.
The flavor key was the sauce and the crispy chicken skin.
Also, don't forget the vegetables. They were SO GOOD.

This is the dessert course. At this point, we were quite full actually. 

Chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream. FYI this is definitely a lava cake. Double FYI. I don't usually like chocolate, but this was SO GOOD. It was so rich and decadent and not overly overly sweet. That being said, I could only do like a quarter of it before saying it was enough.
This is the roasted pear. This is the healthy option since fruit is healthy, right? It was sweet and savory at the same time. The whipped cream was thick and not overly sweet, so it really brought out the sweetness in the pear.

The full menu is also available. Not everyone in the restaurant was having the restaurant week menu.

Let me know what you think below!

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