[Seoul - Hongdae] Cafe Gabie (가비애) - Modern cafe with tons of original beverage options

Cafe Gabie in Hongdae is the perfect work/study cafe in Seoul.

Credit to Ingrid (Instagram) 
There are ample tables throughout its two floors and even a workspace outdoors. On top of the great space, it's got really great espresso drinks.

So, I ordered a seasonal beverage, which is only available in the winter (sorry), but my friend, Ingrid, got a latte and hers was delicious and came with latte art. She's also far better at taking artsy pictures than me (that's her picture over there). The best part about the espresso beverages here is that they know how to actually make it...it's not that watered down espresso-esque flavor you get at a lot of cafes in the area.

So, my drink is seasonal, like I mentioned. I got the Strawberry Cream Latte. Strawberry season in Korea is from about December to February. That day, I was really craving a strawberry latte...I was going to just settle on getting one at like Twosome Place or Ediya, but I am so happy I was on the north side of town when she called.

She had found this place. I got so much work done AND I got this really unique drink, too. Two birds, one stone.
There are multiple layers as you can see. The bottom layer is the milk layer, the espresso layer has 2 shots of espresso and a few ice cubes, then there is a thick cream layer on the top along with some strawberries. I was really happy with this choice. Unlike the chain stores, the strawberry flavor was fresh and not found throughout the drink, which can get overwhelming when its an artificial flavor. So, the drink was mainly a latte with the thick savory cream flavor. The cream was thicker than a whipped cream would be, but not as thick as some of the cheese toppings are and it is made in-house.

With the visual appearance of the drink, I was readying myself to be slightly disappointed by the flavor, but I was anything but. The espresso was strong and wasn't hidden with sugar syrup or any other artificial flavors. The milk was savory and complimented the slightly bitter espresso flavor. Additionally, the cream added an additional flavor and texture dimension to the drink, on top of the strawberry topping.

Drinking it takes a bit of skill. You have to kind of mix it carefully at first to make sure that you get all the flavors together. 

This is the first floor. You order here and there are tables and seating for about 20 customers. It has a very modern, open floor plan.

This is the second floor. I am not sure if the day we were there was special, but it was really really quiet. Kind of like a library, which was great. The first floor was more where group work was happening. There are plenty of outlets and the wifi is fast and free.

However, there was a team meeting of sorts off to the side next to the staircase when I first arrived. That's where the larger communal work table is located...it seats about 8?

The second floor also has a ton of books that you can read. I think they're available for purchase, too.

There's also a restroom on the second floor, it's kind of outside...and to get to it, you walk past the outside terrace area. It was too cold the day we went to use the terrace, but I could see it being great when the weather cooperates.

This is the menu. It's quite extensive, including a pretty large selection of hand drip coffees for Korea. (Click to enlarge)

If you order beverages like the Americano or latte you do have to choose which type of bean you want (let me know if that's your go-to in the comment below and I can translate those menu options for you).

There are also plenty of options for non-coffee drinkers, including homemade teas.

From Hongdae exit 6, walk straight to the big road. Then, at the big road, turn right and walk along it for 2 streets. You'll get to another big road after you see a small art museum on your right. It'll be right after that big road.
There's a slightly shorter path, but it involves a lot more turns and zigzag paths. The one I mentioned is the most straightforward.

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