[NYC - East Village] Bali Kitchen - Indonesian quick bites (vegan/vegetarian friendly)

Recently, a friend was visiting and we were both craving some Indonesian food, so we decided to check out Bali Kitchen in the East Village.

The shop is tiny, there are maybe chairs for about 10-12 people total. I'd definitely say this is a better place for takeout and quick bites.

If you're not that familiar with Indonesian food, don't worry. There is a picture menu available, which I think was a really smart plan on the part of the owners.
The prices are all about less than $15 for entrees, which is pretty decent for the city.

One thing to note is that pretty much all of the dishes are vegetarian-friendly. Even though we got chicken for ours, so it's not a great example, but you can get fish, tofu, or mushroom as your protein for most, if not all, of the menu items.
I went with my usual mie goreng ($10.95). I got it with chicken. I was kind of happy that I got so many of those crackers...seriously. Even though I'm not a huge fan of eggs, I appreciated the egg that topped my noodles. I believe all the entrees are accompanied with the fresh vegetable vinegar slaw and pickles, which added a bit of freshness to the meal.

My friend went with Nasi Campur Bali ($14.95), which is basically a sampler of everything. If you're not that familiar with Indonesian food, you may want to just check out this dish. It comes with sate lilit (satay skewer), lawar (mixed coconut, meat, veggies), sambal matah (kind of like a relish), tempeh, egg, peanuts, rice, and a tempeh cracker. You can also choose your protein (my friend chose chicken).

She was really pleased with everything in this dish.

This is just another view of the Nasi Campur Bali (house special.)
We also got the Sate Lilit - chicken ($6.95). These are ground chicken satays packed with a ton of flavor. Also, the sauce was so good...nice and bright/fresh.

They also had desserts and fresh juices available, including some more uniquely Indonesian desserts like cendol, durian shakes, and avocado juices.

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