[Twin Cities - Saint Paul] Quixotic Coffee - Breakfast sandwich and black salt latte

Today's post is a guest post written by my mother.

She recently visited a couple of coffeeshops/cafes in the Twin Cities. This is part one about Quixotic Coffee in St. Paul, next week's post will be all about Annalace Coffee in Minneapolis.

I had a quiet Saturday morning all to myself not long ago, and decided to spend it exploring coffee shops in the Twin Cities.

With the help of my daughter, who sent me a list of non-chain coffee houses, I chose to have breakfast and a cup of coffee at Quixotic Coffee (769 Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul, http://www.quixoticcoffee.com/)

Once I found their bright, sunny shop, in what still looks like a small strip mall on the edge of the sidewalk on Cleveland, and after I found parking on the street around the corner, I took my place in the short line and explored their menu.

I chose their Chicken Sausage breakfast sandwich, mainly because of the avocado-ranch aioli, and decided I needed a specialty of the house for my coffee. When I got to “a sprinkle of black salt” at the end of the description of the Cleveland Avenue latte, I knew I had to order that.

After placing my order, I explored the shop. They have a large meeting room in the back with two glass walls to let in light, and a long row of two-person booths in the back. I chose a bright four-person table near the front just so I could see the whole place while I enjoyed by breakfast.

The latte was delicious, rich, creamy, and strong and that salt flavor – fun to taste at the end of each sip. The sandwich was flavorful, but messy, with the aioli making the sausage slide out of the ciabatta bun.

Many people came in and out of Quixotic Coffee in the 30 minutes I spent there. It seems to be quite the neighborhood Saturday morning place to visit, for a cup of coffee, a chat, and a place to recover from your early morning run. 

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