[Twin Cities - Minneapolis] Analace Coffee - Kamavindi Pour Over

Part two of my mother's Twin Cities coffeehopping adventure. Check out last week's post for info about Quixotic Coffee in St. Paul.

My morning is not complete without a second cup of coffee, so to continue my adventure, I took a slow scenic drive to northwest Minneapolis and Analace Coffee (2402 Central Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis, http://www.anelacecoffee.com/). 

Their front door opens onto a large room with very high ceilings and the coffee bar set off to one side. It’s a quieter, simpler coffee house than Quixotic. 

Choosing my cup of coffee here took more work. I wanted black and I wanted strong and I wanted something I couldn’t get at any other coffee shop. The menu didn’t help me choose. The barista recommended Kamavindi, a Kenyan bean brewed as a pour over. I accepted his recommendation.

The first sip proved it was strong, with a fine bitter edge. The second sip brought out the bean’s sweet, nutty flavor that seemed to hit two spots on my palette at once. I am not adept at tasting the “blackberry, red currant, and citrus” flavors in coffee, but I can tell when I’m drinking rich coffee and enjoying its flavor. The Kamavindi was just what I needed for my second cup.

I took my time drinking this cup, almost 40 minutes, for I love coffee at room temp as much as hot; as it cools, more flavor comes out for me. Analace Coffee was pretty busy. They have one large room with booths, tables and counters and a small patio out back. People were enjoying it on a nice fall Saturday morning.
My taste buds were happy with my exploration that day.

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