[Seoul - Gwanghwamun] Kim Seonsaeng - Galbi Mandu (Dumplings), Premium Kimbap

Last month, I introduced the kimbap from Kim Seonsaeng, but I finally found the picture of the galbi mandu!

So, there's a pretty extensive menu at Kim Seonsaeng, not as extensive as Kimbap Chunguk, but quality over quantity is important.

As I said in my previous post, I usually go for the cream cheese kimbap, but sometimes I just gotta get the galbi mandu, too.

If you want to try other food, Kim Seonsaeng also sells rice bowls, noodles, and mandu. The best part is that they have hot tea available for free. If you eat in, they'll also give you some hot soup broth, too.
 It's also a great place to get takeout and it's very portable.

The mandu here is steamed, which is great. I kind of prefer steamed dumplings to fried ones. The galbi inside is SUPER delicious. It's nice and sweet and the flavor is really deep. Texture-wise, it's not too creepily soft and also not super chunky (sorry for the awkward description here, but you know what I mean). If you're just going for a full meal alone, I would also recommend going with the mandu and one of the noodle or rice bowl options).

Menu translations:
Left side - Kimbap
Bareun kimbap
Ham kimbap
Twigim kimbap - fried shrimp and squid
Cream cheese kimbap
Maeun jeyukssam kimbap - spicy pork kimbap
Bulgogi kimbap - beef bulgogi and mushroom kimbap
Chamchi kimbap - tuna kimbap
Jinmi kimbap - spicy dried/shredded squid

Top middle - deopbap (rice bowls)
Jeyuk deopbap - spicy pork rice bowl
Bulgogi deopbap - beef bulgogi and mushroom rice bowl

Middle middle - myun (noodles)
Bibim myun - spicy noodles
Onmyun - hot noodle soup

Bottom middle - mandu (dumplings)
Galbi mandu - sweet galbi mandu

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