[Jeju - Seopjikoji] Mango Ray - Mango Cafe Seopjikoji

Mango Ray is THE mango cafe in Jeju! You must check it out before heading to the beach.

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Anyone else obsessed with mangoes? I was going through a mango phase when we visited Jeju and I knew we had to check out Mango Ray en route to Seopjikoji (check out our winter Jeju itinerary here).

I believe Mango Ray was the first mango cafe in Korea and was definitely the first Philippines Dessert Cafe in Jeju. 

Everything is made freshly in house using real fruit, some is made with fresh fruit...if you look at the menu (below) and see 냉동 written next to the menu item, these items are NOT made with fresh fruit, 냉동 means that the fruit is frozen.

Again, you really do need a car or some sort of transport when you visit Jeju (there is a public bus system, but the schedule is kind of few and far between, so you have to really plan everything super well down to the minute).

Mango Ray is actually kind of accessible if you're staying in a pension or some other sort of lodging around the Seopjikoji area, but I think it's kind of difficult to access without a car otherwise.

This is the full menu of offerings. There are plenty of fruit juice offerings even if you're not into mango, so no worries there. There are also plenty of dessert and coffee options, too. 
You can also purchase various other mango-themed items and fresh mangoes, too.
There are some seats inside the cafe, seating for maybe 20 people. The interior decor is kind of gimmicky, but I guess it was a good theme.
There are multiple sizes available for smoothies and juices.
There are also plenty of desserts available, including halo halo, which is Filipino bingsu (shaved ice with plenty of toppings and mix-ins). It was winter and we kind of just wanted mangoes, so we opted against trying the halo halo, but I have seen other reviews of the cafe and they have said that the Mango Ray halo halo is pretty authentic.

We got one of the original mango juices and then also one of the special mango shakes with the coconut cream. The special mango shake was definitely a treat. It was kind of sweet but wasn't as deathly sweet as I had been worried it would be (since I wasn't able to give my sweetness level preferences).

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