[Boston] Blackbird Doughnuts - Everything Bagel and Lemon Berry Swirl

While I was in Boston over the summer, I stumbled upon Blackbird Doughtnuts. It was quite close to our hotel, so I made sure to put it on our eating agenda.

So, when I first went, my sister and I shared the the Salted Toffee doughnut just because it sounded too good to pass up and because both of us were a little scared about how sugary it may or may not be.

My mom got the Everything Bagel doughnut and my dad got just The Blackbird doughnut, which is a cake doughnut glazed with vanilla frosting. The other two doughnuts we got were raised doughnuts made with brioche dough.

The doughnuts are a little expensive, about $3 each, but they are all freshly baked and once they're sold out, they're sold out. The three we got this trip were all in the regular rotation of doughnuts, but there are also some seasonal varieties that come and go depending on the season (like the baseball one in the picture below and the lemon raspberry one in the picture above).

For example, the filled Boston Creme Baseball Doughnut was already sold out the day we went even though we were there by 10 AM...and it wasn't even a game day.

Let me tell you though, these doughnuts are greasy. Not an immediate "I-feel-sick" greasiness, but they are definitely greasy...you'll see a grease spot in the paper bag or box.

The Salted Toffee doughnut is a bit too sweet for me, but if you like sweets, definitely go for it. The sea salt added some flavor dimension to the bites, but I still think I may try a different flavor next time or else mentally prepare myself for the sugar flavor.

After seeing my mom's Everything Doughnut and trying a bite myself, I knew I needed to get that one next time. So, my friend offered to bring some doughnuts back to NYC from Boston, so I definitely requested an Everything Doughnut. It's a brioche doughnut that has been filled with whipped cream cheese and then topped with the classic everything bagel seasonings (think garlic, onion, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds). The flavor is REALLY like an everything bagel with cream cheese, but the texture is like a doughnut. I DEFINITELY recommend checking out this doughnut if you get a chance to visit Blackbird. The cream cheese is just that cream cheese...I couldn't quite wrap my head around the concept of a whipped cream cheese filling, but it really does work. This is definitely a savory doughnut and is definitely appropriate for the morning breakfast if you're not a sugar person.

The Lemon Berry glazed doughnut was good, but it was kind of heavy, especially as an encore to the Everything Bagel. I would definitely recommend going for one doughnut at a time...we didn't plan very well. I would probably go for the Lemon Berry over the Salted Toffee. There were just so many interesting flavors in the doughnut that I didn't feel like I was just consuming sugar for the sake of consuming sugar. The lemon glaze was not super sweet like they were trying to overcompensate for the sourness of a lemon and you could still taste the lemon flavor. The lemon glaze was complemented by the somewhat sweet berry "flower" that was added on top.

I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but one of the Lemon Berry Swirl doughnuts was actually made into a doughnut ice cream sandwich, which is also an option. You can choose to add vanilla, chocolate, or swirled soft serve to your doughnut if that's what you fancy and you really want an extra treat.

Blackbird sells coffee, including cold brew, and the beans are specially roasted for Blackbird. I felt like it was okay coffee, not great, but not terrible. Maybe I'm just not a cold brew person...

One thing to note is there are NO seats inside. There is a small bench outside, however.

So, overall, I recommend stopping by to check out the raised doughnuts because they have a lot more unique specialty flavors. If you want a cake doughnut, I would recommend just skipping this artisanal shop and just swinging by your typical doughnut chain...you know where.

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