[Singapore Travel] Haji Lane - Cafe and shopping street

One place that everyone recommended I go in Singapore is Haji Lane.

It's a cute, hip cafe and shopping street, right beside the Masjid Sultan.

It was a hot/muggy day when we visited and we may have also just eaten SO MUCH Malaysian food before our journey...combined with a stop at a coffee shop to refuel...and a stop in Little India...with another coffee pitstop for the AC.

So, we didn't really check out the cafes that much, just looked, no touching.
But, let me say that the cafes were super cute, so we were kind of sad that we didn't have any room left.

Instead, we just did some exploring of the cute boutiques and just looked at the architecture, etc.

As you wander down the lane, you start to see more clothing stores and boutiques. The stores here are more independent, small shops, not the large chain stores that you see at the malls, which is kind of my favorite thing.

So, the one shop that I did buy something at is Chic Fever. It's a quirky boutique with a lot of cute clothing items, shoes, bags, and accessories. It's up the stairs, which are kind of steep, just as a warning.

We went in with some low expectations, but were pleasantly surprised. A lot of the items were limited run, so that means not everyone will have the same thing, and the prices were very reasonable. The store also stocks some vintage merchandise, so it's definitely worth a look.

I ended up buying a leather convertible backpack/shoulder bag for about $60 USD. We checked the quality of the workmanship and it was quite good, actually, and the leather was really soft and the color was great.

The accessory section is quite extensive, too, and quite reasonably priced. The items looked very similar to items you could buy at the larger chain shops. There's also a stationery and wallet section in the back.

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