[Seoul - Sinchon] Mibundang/Mifendang Vietnamese cuisine (미분당)

Mibundang 미분당 is one of my favorite places to get pho in Seoul!

 It's not one of those huge chains and quality ingredients are used and the prices are below 10,000 KRW!

Service is fast and efficient and the food is always prepared to order and is piping hot.

This is the 차돌박이 쌀국수, beef brisket pho. 7500 KRW

 This is the 양지쌀국수, which is a shredded brisket pho. 8000 KRW

The broth is extremely well developed, not overly salty, and very comforting.

It's quite popular, so when you arrive, there will likely be a queue off to the side. It's roped and under a covering, so if it's raining, it will keep you dry. 

The napkins and everything are actually above you, so make sure to look up! That's where you'll find the sauces, too.

The other thing you'll notice is there's a sign that tells you how they suggest you eat the food.
There's also some accouterments like pickled onions, etc.

They recommend that you put noodles and the meat in the small bowl with the onions and the juice and add the hot sauce to taste.
Then, add hot sauce to the noodles to taste.
Then, they recommend you add the cilantro and the hoisin sauce to the bowl with the noodles and meat one at a time.

You buy your ticket at the vending machine (pictured below/translated below)

Row 1:
Sweet potato cha gio (spring roll)
Scallop cha gio (spring roll)
Fried potato-wrapped shrimp

Row 2:
Wedding shu mai
Buffalo wing
Everything platter

Row 3:
Chadolbaki pho
Yangji pho
Chadol yangji pho (both the shredded and sheet brisket)

Row 4:
Chadol, yangji, himjul (tendon) pho
Himjul (tendon) pho
Haesanmul pho (seafood)

Row 5:
Hanoi beer
Saigon beer
Saigon special

Row 6:

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