[Seoul - Itaewon] Halal Guys - Chicken Over Rice

The Halal Guys opened shop in Itaewon, Seoul almost a year ago.

It's located right on the main street in Itaewon.

So, there are about 40-50 seats within the restaurant, but we decided to do takeout that day since we all lived in Gangnam-ish area and wanted to make the last train/bus.

I could see that this would really be a popular location for drunk food after going out in Itaewon, but that wasn't why we were there.

We went around 10 or so. There were maybe about 20 people in the restaurant other than us, but there was no line.

This is the take out packaging. I got the regular size chicken over rice platter and it comes with a packet of white sauce and red sauce (if you like it), and also a fork/spoon and napkin.
When you open it, there are two slices of pita bread. If you are planning on eating it later, you'll definitely want to take it out and wrap it separately otherwise it'll get kind of soggy.

Then, the usual chicken and iceberg lettuce and on top of the signature rice.

The one sad thing was that the takeout serving of the white sauce is a lot smaller than you'd get if you have them put the white sauce on in-store.

Extra hot sauce is 1000 KRW and extra red sauce is 500 KRW.

The platters come in three sizes, small (7900KRW), regular (9900KRW), and New York size (11900KRW). I got the small because I had never tried it in Korea and I was iffy about if they'd get the flavor completely correct and also because it was a treat and I didn't want to be eating it forever and ever.

Even though it was small, it was about 1.5 meals. I'm sure if I had gone for the regular it would have been 2 meals.

As for the flavor, it was not quite the same as the New York flavor...even with the full red sauce container, it wasn't really that hot, in my opinion, and the chicken didn't quite have as full flavor as I'm used to with the New York.

The iceberg lettuce was not wilted even the day after, so that was a pleasant surprise. It was a nice crunchy cool texture to go along with savory flavor of the chicken and rice.

My friend was craving something sweet, so she went for the baklava. I can't remember the price, but I think it was around 3900KRW, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Have you tried Halal Guys in Itaewon? What did you think?

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