[Seoul - Ichon] Miwon (미원) - Japanese noodle house

My friend and I stopped by Miwon (미원), a Japanese restaurant in Ichon, the "Little Japan" town of Seoul.

Ichon is Little Japan in Seoul. My friend and I used to meet up here because it was in between both of our houses and she worked in the area, finishing right about dinnertime.

The area is kind of a bit pricey, but we found this moderate-priced Japanese restaurant one night and were extremely happy with the food choices and quality.

The interior is super cute and really Japanese. Customers sit on the floor and they give you little floor mat cushions. There are vintage-y Japanese posters on the walls and Japanese liquor and sake bottles lining the walls.

It's kind of got a cute Japanese pub vibe. If you are a bit iffy about floor seating, you might be happy to know that instead of sitting cross-legged on the floor, this place has the little cut-out leg area, so you can sit kind of like a chair.

This kind of has an after-work pub vibe, but luckily there weren't many company workers there, perhaps because this neighborhood is kind of out of the way. I could see this place being a good place for a quiet family dinner or date. It's pretty difficult in Seoul to find a nice quiet place for a dinner where you can actually hear the other person talking.

The dinnerware is so cute and matches the theme of the restaurant:

These were the side dishes: seaweed salad and pickled radish.

We ended up not being able to decide between rice or noodles, so we ended up getting one of each and sharing it family-style.

Even though the menu is quite extensive, we ended up order the Tan Tan Men (16,000KRW) because I was craving a rich, savory broth. It was kind of chilly/rainy, so we also wanted something warm.
We got just that. My friend hadn't tried Dan Dan noodles before and she was very happy with this menu choice. It's slightly spicy, but you can still taste the savory sesame and pork flavors.
I believe the noodles were homemade, but don't quote me on that...
We also ordered the Tuna Sashimi Rice Bowl (maguro-dong) 15,000KRW. The rice was really flavorful and seasoned with vinegar. The tuna was nice and fresh. It balanced the savoriness of the Tantanmen because it was a lot lighter.

This is the whole menu - it's a picture menu, so no worries if you don't know Japanese or Korean.

Traditional Japanese/Homestyle Japanese
 At that time, I was on a natto obsession period, so I was very tempted by the natto offerings.
Sashimi (left) and Grilled (right)

Fried (left) and hotpots/nabe (right)
I was tempted by the Nagasaki jjamppong nabe. I really like the spicy white jjamppong and the nice balance with the savory seafood flavors. It's not the same type of spicy as you would get with a red jjamppong. If you've never tried a Nagasaki jjamppong, you should try it.

Japanese-style Chinese food

Rice dishes and meals (left) and noodles (right)
This is the menu that we concentrated on for our meal. We knew we wanted some sort of noodle/ramen and some sort of lighter rice dish, too.

If you want a more meal-like option, they do have donkatsu/fish katsu, etc. or teriyaki chicken dishes, too, that are served with rice and a salad.
Alcoholic beverages
Ichon Station (Line 4, Gyeonghee joonang line)
Take Exit 3-1. Turn right directly out of the exit and walk along the park.playground and go straight until you hit the ddukbokki shop. Directly beside the ddukbokki shop, there is a small alleyway. Go into the alleyway and you'll see the Miwon shop there.

It's got a small entryway/storefront since it's on the second floor, so just make sure you're on the lookout for this doorway.

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