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[Korea Travel] Incheon Airport to Seoul (or Seoul to Incheon Airport) NIGHT BUS

Have you ever had the panic about how to get back into Seoul from Incheon airport after the last train? I definitely did. Luckily there's a night bus!

Korea Travel tips:
  1. Buy your SIM card: Prepaid 4G/LTE Sim Card: Unlimited Data+Voice call+SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days)
  2. Get a great view of Seoul: Discount Seoul City Tour Bus Ticket
  3. Great Korean (traditional and modern) culture and cooking classes.
  4. Check out these great things to do in Jeju!
  5. Don't want to rent a car in Jeju? Check out this Hop On/Off Bus Tour of Jeju
  6. Don't want to rent a car in Jeju? Check out this Taxi Tour

You don't have to take a pricey cab ride that may end up being one of those sketchy cabs that prey on foreign tourists or sleep in the airport until the first train/bus.

I was lucky that I know Korean because I was looking around for all you guys in the airport and realized this information is not available in English (or Chinese or Japanese...or any other language).

So, I'll translate the sign for you.

The one annoying thing is that the night buses do not run that frequently, so you may end up waiting for a while. Just make sure you stay in line by your bags at the curbside pickup spot because the buses do get full!

You can take these buses from the first floor at exit 6A. They cost 10,000KRW and you can use cash or T-Money card.

There are two buses:
N6001 goes from Incheon Airport to Songjeong Station --> Imchang Station to Seoul Station
The reverse journey to the airport: Seoul Station --> Sinyongsan Station (ONLY buses TO airport) --> Imchang Station --> Songjeong Station --> Incheon Aiport

You should take N6001 if you're going to/coming from a location in Seoul north of the river, like Myeongdong, City Hall, Seoul Station, Itaewon, etc. Just tell them you want to go to Seoul Station to the airport limousine stop.

The buses run about every 50 minutes and take roughly 70 minutes from the airport to Seoul station and vice versa.

N6000 goes from Incheon airport --> Songjeong Station --> Yeomchang Station --> Express Bus Terminal
The reverse journey is: Express bus terminal --> Songjeong Station --> Yeomchang Station --> Heukseok Station (ONLY buses TO airport) --> Incheon Station

You should take N6000 if you are going to/coming from a location in Seoul south of the river, like Gangnam, Sillim, Sadang, etc. If you miss the KAL limousine, you should take this one if you're going to Coex or Jamsil area hotels or accommodations.

The time table is in the picture (click to enlarge).
The left hand columns are for the buses FROM the airport to Seoul (the top section is for the Seoul station-bound buses and the bottom section is for the Express Bus Terminal-bound buses)

Additionally, there are some KAL Limousines, but they only go twice per night:
They also pickup at gate 4A. Just make sure you check which bus is coming, so you don't get stressed out on the bus ride into the city...the bus driver will likely not speak English.
The price is 16,000KRW for adults and 10,000 for children. You can use cash or T-money card.

Gangnam-bound (to locations south of the river): Incheon Airport --> Sheraton Palace Hotel (Banpo)--> Coex (Samseong Station) --> Jamsil

Gangbuk-bound (to locations north of the river): Incheon Airport --> Mapo (Garden Hotel) --> City Hall (KAL Building) --> Seoul Station
(You would probably want to take this bus for lodging near Hongdae.)

These buses only run at: 23:40 and 1:00, so if you miss the KAL Limousine, you may have to opt for the regular bus.

If you have any questions about which bus you should take, feel free to leave a comment below with your lodging/accommodation information and I'll give my suggestion!

Travel tips:
    1. Buy your SIM card: Prepaid 4G/LTE Sim Card: Unlimited Data+Voice call+SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days)
    2. Get a great view of Seoul: Discount Seoul City Tour Bus Ticket
    3. Great Korean (traditional and modern) culture and cooking classes
    4. Book a food and shopping tour.

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