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[Snack Attack - Korea] Margaret LIMITED EDITION Milk and Cookie

I tried the LIMITED EDITION Milk and Cookies flavor of the Korean Margaret Soft Cookies from Lotte.

Does anyone else do this? Add something random to your cart to get free shipping?
That's what happened to me, but I did get to try the LIMITED EDITION Milk and Cookie flavor of the Margaret Soft Cookies "made with Mom's Love".

To the best of my knowledge, these are only available in Korea, but totally correct me if I'm wrong.
At press date, only the originals are available on Amazon (click here to check).

Onto the review now...
Does this limited edition flavor taste like regular Margaret cookies?
No. The original flavor is peanut and almond flavored. Honestly, to me the original flavor is super peanuty without tasting like a peanut butter cookie.

What does it taste like?
These do actually taste like milk and cookies. It was kind of amazing to me. Honestly, I had quite low expectations because of a lot of failed new flavors recently in the Korean snack food world (see Salsa Flavored chips post). The inside of the cookie is still soft and chewy like a regular Margaret cookie. If you're American, the Chips Ahoy Soft & Chewy cookies are chewier, but the Margaret is more airy and soft. 

This flavor kind of reminded me of cookies & cream flavored ice cream, but less sugary, which is really good for me. Usually, Korean sweets have wayyyy too much sugar in them for me.

Overall verdict:
I wish that this wasn't a limited edition flavor and they adopt it forever.
I don't actually like the original Margaret flavor...I like the texture of the cookie itself, but I just do not care for the peanut flavor.
So, this Cookie & Milk flavor wins. Has the same texture, but NO peanut flavor!

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