[Seoul - Namseong] All That Sweets - Super cute lattes!! Instagrammable cafe

All That Sweets is a small little cafe in my neighborhood in Seoul.

UPDATE: All That Sweets is no longer operating as a cafe, but you can order the treats online.

It's famous for these super adorable lattes and super cute cakes/macarons.

The cafe itself is quite small, there are maybe about 10 seats inside and a bench outside. I think most people do takeout coffee.

The hours are kind of crazy.
All That Sweets Open Hours: (Open Wednesday through Saturday)
Open 11AM
Close 6PM
Closed days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Because the hours are quite limited, it's kind of hard to catch them open...and it makes Saturdays even more busy!

There are only 7 drinks that can be made with the adorable little meringues on top (see below).
5800 KRW - Flower cloud strawberry smoothie (top left)
5800 KRW - Thundercloud iced choco (top middle)
6800 KRW - Gingerbread man latte (top right) - this is just a regular latte...not gingerbread flavored
6500 KRW - New spring latte (bottom left)
5000 KRW - Cherry blossom latte (bottom middle left)
5000 KRW - Cloud latte (bottom middle right)
6500 KRW - Rabbit latte (bottom right)

This time, all the pastries were sold out, so none of the cute cakes or macarons for us. I will try and find the pictures from my previous visit when my friend and I had the cute roll cake.

We got the cherry blossom latte and the gingerbread man latte. They were both super cute...you can choose if you want it as a hot latte or an iced one.

The lattes were relatively strong for Korea, it tasted like they were two full shots of espresso...sometimes Korean lattes are only one shot.

The tables were full inside and it was also the first warm day, so we opted to sit outside for a bit.

Namseong Station (Line 7)
From Exit 1 walk straight to the corner and turn right and walk past the CU.
All That Sweets should be right across the street from CU. It's kind of a small inconspicuous brown building.

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