[Osaka - Shinsaibashi] Red Rock - Kobe Roast Beef Rice Bowl

I first discovered Red Rock on my trip to Osaka for Chuseok 2016 ((itinerary here).

But, these roast beef bowls at Red Rock definitely spurred my plan for a trip to Osaka again right before I left Asia for America (itinerary here.)

My friend and I were soooo impressed with these roast beef rice bowls at Red Rock on that Chuseok trip, that when I told her I wanted another one before coming back to America, we just planned the trip around getting this rice bowl again. It was that good.

At Red Rock, they put mountains of roast beef slices on a mound of rice with this sweet sauce underneath.

Then, they top it with a raw egg yolk and some white sauce. You can ask for them to remove the sauce, as my friend did.

NOTE: Red Rock is CASH ONLY!

You have to order your ticket outside at the vending machine. Luckily in between our two visits, they had updated the machine, so now it has English on it, too! (The prices also went up slightly...like by 100JPY - less than 1USD.)

It's still so cheap, though. We both got the regular size and that was definitely more than enough food for us. It was 950JPY. You can also order a large size roast beef rice bowl for 1250JPY.

After you get your ticket at the vending machine, you may have to wait a bit, but the staff will call you into the restaurant. There are about 40 seats available. It may be difficult to get a seat together if you have a group larger than 4.

You bring your tickets with you. After you get seated, the staff will take you tickets and ask you if you have any special requests, like no white sauce, for example.

It takes way less than 10 minutes to get your meals and they're served hot. :)

There is a bar there, too. So, there are some seats single eaters making it an okay place to eat if you're alone since there are also plenty of two person tables and there's quite quick service.
They have a lot more menu items now, so I took a picture of the whole menu for your reference. I couldn't find the English menu, so I had to use the Korean/Thai one for the picture, but the menu item pictures are very accurate.

You can also order a order a set menu, if you want more food.

I would first recommend trying the original roast beef bowl, though. It's really THAT good!

The original location is in Kobe, but I have been to the Osaka location near Shinsaibashi.

2 Chome-10-21 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 542-0086, Japan
Hours: 11:30 to 10

There is also a location in Kyoto.

You can see all the locations and also maps on their website: http://www.redrock-kobebeef.com

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  1. Excellent recommendation. I want to try this now! I'll have to plan a trip!

  2. Yes! I planned my most recent trip to Osaka around this beef bowl haha. Let me know when you make it there!


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