[Life in Korea] How to save money at H&M Korea - H&M Conscious Coupon

Did you know it's quite easy to get coupons for H&M in Korea, too?

If you're moving out of Korea, moving to a new house, lost weight, or just want a change, getting rid of used clothing and household linen items in Korea and making sure the clothes are reused and recycled is easy now.

As I was moving back to America from Korea, I realized that I wanted to get rid of a lot of my clothes. I had worn them every single week for more than 2 years, so they were not in good enough shape to be sold and I didn't feel like they were good enough to donate. I also don't believe those sketchy green "charity" boxes in my neighborhood.

Part of H&M's brand is this "H&M" CSR scheme. As in other countries, it also exists in Korea.

This is super great news for the expat community, especially if you have some difficulty finding clothes that fit in Korean stores and need to stock up on basics and other items.

Here are the steps to getting your coupon for 5,000 KRW off!
1) Find clothing that you would like to get rid of...maybe there are holes or tears in it, maybe you've worn it forever and now it's discolored, or maybe you just want to change it up and want to make sure you know where your items go. (As we all know, those donation bins in your neighborhood don't actually get donated...)
2) Collect them in a bag, or multiple bags :)
3) Bring them to your nearest H&M store. (I brought mine to the Lotte World Mall location.)
4) Go to the cash register and speak to an associate. (They have to witness you putting the items in the donation bin.)
5) If they do not speak English or look at you confused when you're standing there with bags of old clothes or maybe you didn't go to the correct cash register (like I did at first), you can probably just say something like "jaehwal" to them and use body language and they'll point you to the correct terminal.
6) Deposit the bags into the bin (it kind of looks like a trash can...you may have seen it before).
7) The associate fills out some internal info on a piece of paper.
8) Collect your coupon :D (Hint: I got two coupons because I brought in two bags...I'm not sure if that's normal, but you can have a try!)

My coupon is above. There's a specific coupon number (which is why I blacked it out).
The coupon is good for 5,000 KRW off of your purchase of 40,000 KRW or more.
However, you cannot use it towards the purchase of gift cards or "designer collection" items.
It cannot be combined with other coupons/offers. (However, I was allowed to use mine towards the purchase of sale items.)
Only one coupon can be used per receipt/order.
It is accepted at all H&M stores in Korea.
One thing to note is that there is an expiration date for your coupon. Mine expires on 31 August 2017.

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