[Seoul - Sadang] Warawara - Fresh Korean cocktail pub

Had some first-time visitors to Korea, so I had to bring them  to Warawara for some fresh fruit cocktails.
Warawara has changed up its menu since I was in college, which is definitely not surprising.
As a student, we really liked that the cocktails were made at the table from fresh fruit by a guy carrying a blender to the table. That part hasn't changed.

We decided to go this time basically because 1) it was close, 2) fresh cocktails, 3) there is a cocktail that is served in a pineapple!

We visited during strawberry season, so we also got the strawberry cocktail.
You get to choose the strength of your alcohol: there's a weak version and a strong version. Both are the same price.

I don't remember this being available in my college days, but now you can also purchase the alcohol base to bring home with you.

One of the things abut Korean pubs is that you always have to buy anju - food to eat while drinking.
We chose the dosirak (Korean lunchbox). This one was actually pretty big considering where we were. It had spicy pork and kimchi and also a fried egg on top of a box of rice.

 See, the guy really brings out a blender to your table to blend the cocktail.

This is the strawberry cocktail we ordered. It was pretty good, but you could definitely taste the alcohol more than in the pineapple.

Locations: All around Korea.
Original location is in Sadang.

Leave a comment below if you want to visit and you would like me to tell you where the nearest location is!

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