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[Minnesota] Caribou Coffee NEW Cereal Milk Cooler

Caribou Coffee introduced this new coffeeless cooler sometime earlier this year.

All I can say is, I had a free drink for my birthday and wanted to try the new Cereal Milk Cooler for a lonnnngggg time, but just couldn't get myself to part with more than $5 for a small.

So, number one, remember that I'm somewhat lactose sensitive.

I tried to order this with skim milk (since it's mostly water anyway and I know from experience that Caribou Coolers of any variety don't taste good with any alternative milks).

The response, "Actually, this is made with half and half. We can make it with skim milk, but it wouldn't be as thick and creamy."

So, YOLO, had to try the original.

Well, I can tell you it's a really cute drink.

The cereal they are trying to mimic is Fruity Pebbles, or whatever the generic name is...something probably like "artificial fruit flavored puffed rice cereal."

The drink really is quite thick.

At first, it was overpoweringly sweet, but the flavor got better the longer it sit on the table...probably because the ice melted (?).

The drink tasted like raspberry and cream, if that's even a thing.

Bottom line, great kid drink flavor-wise, but you shouldn't let your kid drink one calorie-wise. This beast had something like 660 calories in the small size.

I wouldn't order it again, even if it was free, but that's because I don't like sweet treats.

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