[Snack Attack - Korea] Nacho Salsa Sauce Flavor

Since "Salsa Sauce" is one of the newer flavors of Nacho brand tortilla chips in Korea, I decided to try it out.


At first, it tastes just like you're eating some tomato soup or maybe some homemade ketchup? It's really sweet and not really salsa flavored at all. I was kind of expecting the sweet flavor since this is Korea and I'm eating Korean chips after all, but this was a weird sweet. The tomato flavor was like sweet artificial tomato.

However, after you eat a second or a third, the flavor really changes and you start questioning your decisions..

It kind of changes into a weird spicy tomato bisque (?) flavor? Like only slightly spicy, mixed with a tomato cream/milk sort of flavor.

No good.

After the fourth or fifth one, you decide to just quit trying it because it.does.NOT.get.better.

I messaged one of my Korean friends about it and she said all the members of her team at company tried it and they came to the same conclusion as me.
Semi-spicy sweet tomato milk flavor.

I question the Korean taste testers' taste buds quite frequently and my questions changed to doubt with this try.

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