[Seoul Info] Swimming pools in Seoul are open (plus swimming etiquette)

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened up five of the eight public outdoor swimming pools along the Han River. 

The swimming pools at Ttukseom, Gwangjin District, Gwangnaru, Gangdong District, Jamsil, Songpa District, and Mangwon and the Nanji Riverside Waterpark, both in Mapo District, are ready to cool off visitors and will remain in operation until August 27. Although all eight pools were scheduled to open, the city had contract issues with the company set to operate the three remaining pools and has since announced that they will find a new operating company and open the pools in Yeouido and Yanghwa Waterpark, both in Yeongdeungpo District, and Jamwon, Seocho District on July 7. 

During the off season, many of the pools went through renovations. The pools at Ttukseom, Yeouido, Mangwon and Jamsil have been tiled. 

The city also announced there will be daily events at the pools such as survival games, bubble dance festivals and more. 

All eight swimming pools will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Entrance fees are 5,000 won ($4.40) for adults, 4,000 won for adolescents, 3,000 won for children and free for kids under six. For more information, visit www.seoul.go.kr/event/hanriver

BY KIM JUNG-KYOON [kim.jungkyoon@joongang.co.kr]

Swimming pool etiquette/rules

- These apply to lap pools, I haven't been in the kiddie pools.

  • Most pools in Korea require you wear a swimming cap, although some people also wear baseball caps.
  • You need to shower before entering the pool, but unlike in America (where I'm from), you will need to shower BEFORE putting on your bathing suit.
  • At most pools, you should not wear flip flops, etc. on the pool deck.

Here's a link to information about ice rinks in Seoul...in case you want to plan for winter already.

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