[K-beauty] Missha Sheet Mask - Rice

This is the Missha Rice sheet mask. Click here to check out all of the masks!

Before I left Korea, I decided to buy a bunch of different sheet masks and figure out which ones I like the best, including the Missha ones.

Missha introduced a new, revamped line of sheet masks within the past year.

I was a little skeptical that this was just new packaging, but I really think they changed the formulas. A couple of years ago, I had tried Missha's sheet masks...the cheap ones, not the Super Aqua ones. They were not good at the time. The essence was quite thin and seemed overly artificial.

I am happy to report, this changed, especially for the rice mask.

The essence was quite thick, which I liked in my sheet masks. I like being able put the excess essence on my face and neck after I finish the mask relaxation time and feel like it's really soaking into my skin.

The sheet itself was also pretty thick now, which may have helped with the essence point above. Sometimes, the cheapest line of masks at the various road shop stores in Korea seem to be quite thin and easy to rip if you're not careful (or, maybe I'm just a monster?) when you're removing them from the packaging.

The one off-putting thing about this particular mask for me was that it really, REALLY smelled like rice...like you know the smell your rice has when it's almost fully cooked, yeah that smell.

I did get used to the smell after a while.

The rice sheet mask is supposed to moisturize and make your skin brighter. I can't really talk to the moisture point since my skin is dying trying to acclimate to the clean air in the USA, but it did seem to be slightly more moisturized the day after application, but it did seem less dull.

I am generally not overwhelmed by sheet mask effects...so this is saying something.

Have you tried the revamped Missha line? What did you think?

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