[K-beauty] Etude House Spring 2017 - Special Lipstick Cases for Lips Talk!

Check out these super cute lipstick cases at Etude House! They are designed specifically for the Etude House Lips Talk line (click here to check them out).

Have you bought one?? I'd love to see pics and hear how you're liking them!

I was super drawn to them, but never got around the purchasing them (I have quite the lipstick/liptint stockpile going on right now in my apartment).

There are 20 different patterns to choose from!

They are currently on special right now because they were just introduced.

One thing to note, you have to buy the cases separate from the lipstick/gloss that you select! It'll just kind of "make it your own!" Just remember that because it's not 150% obvious while looking at the display, but maybe I'm just a little dumb about those types of things.

I believe they were originally 4,000KRW each for just the case.

I really like the watermelon, lobster (I'm weird), and the palm fawns one (the one next to the lobster).
The ketchup and hot sauce one might make a good gift for your sauce-loving foodie friend who would always want to have a lipstick on hand to touch up her lips after eating a burger (there's also a burger and a french fries one).

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