[Snack Attack - Japan] Green Tea Matcha Oreo

On a recent trip to Japan, I bought some Japanese Green Tea Oreos.

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I'm not usually a fan of Oreos because I don't like the chocolate cookie aspect...or the sugary filling, but I decided to give Japanese Oreos a shot.

Usually cookies and snacks in Japan are less sweet and this is definitely the case with the Oreos.
The cookies are thinner and crisper than the typical American (or Korean) Oreos. (I haven't tried the new "thin" Oreos yet, so not sure how they compare). The cookies themselves were less sweet than the American and Korean varieties. It kind of was more of a dark chocolate flavor, if that makes sense, kind of a more bitter flavor.

There are 9 cookies in each pack and 2 packs per bag.

The filling is matcha flavored. Luckily for me, the flavor was mainly matcha. They really did dial back the amount of sugar. I even noticed it in the texture of the filling. Sometimes the filling texture is kind of granulated because of the amount of sugar in it, but the matcha flavor had a smoother filling.

Verdict: I would consider buying these again next time I'm in Japan, or else try some of the many other matcha cookies.

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