[Osaka - Nanba/Nippombashi] Chitose - Simple meat soup, breakfast or lunch

I did some searching for breakfast options in Nanba/Nippombashi and found Chitose, which is a very popular restaurant among local Japanese customers.
My friend and I planned to meet up later for a late lunch, so this was kind of brunch for me. I arrived quite around 10:30 or 11 (its opening time is at 10:30). When I arrived, the line was quite long already - I was about 15-20 customers back.

The menu is very small. There are only four menu items, but a couple aren't really "options" as much as "add-ons." You can choose to add: a semi-cooked egg, udon noodles, or tofu.
That's the entire menu.

I just went with the basic order since I already had a lunch plan for only 2 hours after I finally got seated. 

It was kind of salty, so if I were you, I would probably add an egg or noodles to balance the flavor out a bit. The meat is kind of sweet. The soup is topped with some green onions and bonito.

It's quite hot when its served and you are served hot tea with your order.

Hours: 10:30 to 2:30 (or until sold out).

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