[K-beauty] Club Clio Salon de Cara Mascara

Right before leaving Korea at the end of April, I had just finished off my regular mascara.

I had this sample of Clio Salon de Cara  mascara that came free with purchase of my go-to eyeliner, the Clio Kill Black (see my review here: K-beauty: Clio Kill Black).

I'll start off by saying this is the perfect size for traveling or for just keeping in your purse in case of a mascara emergency.

It is a sample and I do like that I was able to try it out before investing in a full-size tube.

It's not my favorite mascara, I still prefer my usual Innisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara.

I assume I'd like it a lot more if I really needed the volumizing effect on my lashes because it definitely adds a lot of volume to my lashes.

It's also VERY waterproof! So, I bet it would be great for the hot and humid Korean summer. However, it's easy to remove, unlike the Isehan Kiss Me Waterproof Mascara I used while living in Japan. You don't need to buy a specially formulated mascara remover Clio Salon de Cara, which also makes it good for traveling. In fact, I was able to remove it with just a makeup wipe in a pinch.

The mascara has argan oil and ceramidin infused in its formula, so it is good for conditioning your lashes.

I have noticed that I have to concentrate a lot more on applying this mascara than most of my other waterproof mascaras I have tried. I have found that it's very easy to over-apply and get really, really volumized lashes. However, there is a very thin line between volume and clumpy fibrous mess. It is very fibrous...like more than any other drugstore/road shop brand I have tried.

That being said, I have been getting used to applying it and I haven't had as many clumping mishaps recently.

I am still not sold about purchasing a full size. I'll go back to my Innisfree for a couple weeks and see if my opinion holds.

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