[Snack Attack Korea] Oh! Gamja Ranch Flavor - 오!감자 찍먹 랜치소스맛

I tried the Oh! Gamja Ranch Sauce Flavored snacks the other day. I think this flavor is relatively new...it's definitely new to me.

I kind of miss ranch-flavored food, so I was kind of excited when I saw this in my neighborhood market.

However, I knew to be cautious and not to get my hopes up. I have been surprised by too many chips recently...and food in general.

I really like this brand of chips/snacks. The square straws really help increase the intensity of flavor.

This particular flavor is one of the 찍먹 ones, this means it's a dipping Oh Gamja.

This "dipping" means that you need to kind of dig around in the bag for the sauce container. In this case, the sauce is "ranch" sauce.

It really isn't a ranch. It's kind of a sweet yogurt sauce (?) with some nondescript green flakes in it. (I have no idea how to describe it).

You should definitely taste it yourself, but don't go into the bag thinking it's going to taste like ranch at all.

I guess it's kind of really a sweet cream sauce...

The potato stick straws themselves are kind of salty and come relatively close to kinda sorta tasting like the Korean interpretation of ranch (read: ridiculously sweet).

Verdict: I will not be buying these chips again. If I were to be at a party or dinner and these were served (which would be super weird), I may eat a few, but only if there were no better options.

Price: 1200 KRW at my local market

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