[Seoul - Yonhuidong] Michin Nogari 미친노가리 beer pub

Michin Nogari 미친노가리 is a cheap bar in Yonhuidong, which is close to Yonsei University.

After samgyetang, we decided to go out for a drink!
As I was walking to the samgyetang restaurant, I noted this small pub on the main street and it's cheap prices! It's called 미친노가리, which means something like crazy young pollack.

So, of course we had to get the 미친노가리, which is that little dried fish you see in the top picture (1500 KRW).

We also got sweet potato sticks (고구마스틱) for 5000 KRW.

I kind of liked this place because even though you have to buy anju (food to eat with drinks), your options can be quite cheap! Like, we could have just bought only the fish if we wanted to do so.

It was kind of small, maybe seated maximum 30 people? So, even though it's a bar in Korea with Korea's famously poor acoustics, it's not overly loud.

You also get tofu as a "service," which is kind of my favorite thing ever.

My friend had never tried the grapefruit soju before 자몽에 이슬, so we got that.

Expert tip: Also get a bottle of 참이슬 Chamisul fresh and do like 1/3 of the shot with the grapefruit flavor and 2/3 of the shot with chamisul fresh, it'll taste much better.

I don't like the flavored soju alone because it's wayyyy too sweet! So, to tone that down a little and make it taste more palatable, I usually mix it with regular soju. I prefer fresh, but I'm sure it'll taste fine if you like chamisul classic or another brand like choum chorom.

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