[K-Beauty] Nature Republic Skin Smoothing Body Peeling Spray

The Nature Republic Body Peeling Mist is one of the first k-beauty products I bought in the US (I had previously only bought products in Korea).

I got it at the Nature Republic in NYC (Manhattan Chinatown).

I am really obsessed with the skin peeling gels/mists, so I had to get this one when I saw it in America (and again when I saw it in Korea during a sale).

It's quite cheap 8900 KRW, and, if you go to Nature Republic during the sales, as I mentioned in my K-beauty deal guide, you can pick them up for really, really cheap.

The Nature Republic Body Peeling Mist (click to buy) is a little different from the peeling gel I use on my face and there are three scents. I usually go for the Phytoncide scent since the other two are quite strong and artificial for my preferences.

Does it exfoliate? Definitely not. That's not what the "peeling" means in the name. But, does it help for moisturizing and brightening your skin? Yes, definitely the first few times you use it, you can feel/see the effects, but then after that...not so sure. Maybe I got used to it, but maybe it just is not as effective after a while.

You spray it on, but should be quite careful not to spray too much on at a time. If you do, it's kind of too wet/slippery, so then it doesn't really clump as it should do. The point of the spray is to do kind of a thin coating and, then, as you rub it in, it kind of becomes a solid and takes out some of the impurities and some of the dead skin cells. Then, you kind of just wash off the clumps.

Make sure you do it before you shower and do not apply water before spraying the mist. If you do, it's too wet and the liquid mist will never become a solid, which it has to do to have any effects.

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