[K-Beauty] Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Lotion

Have you tried the Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Lotion? 

Some American brands, like Clean and Clear, have products that are only available in Asia/Korea. One of the items that I keep purchasing is this Clear Fairness lotion by Clean&Clear.

I have tried some of the other lightening products from some of the road shops to get rid of some of the discoloration from acne, etc. Even after trying those products that are more expensive, I keep coming back to this product.

I have found that this one is probably the best value for money. I have noticed that it is quite good at actually affecting some of the dark spots on my skin consistently.

I also like that it also has SPF 30, but don't get too confident about this. Make sure you always reapply your SPF-containing products every few hours.

It has a light floral scent and is a slightly more liquid consistency than most of the American Clean & Clear lotions. It's pretty good at hydrating my skin, my skin feels consistently soft, even compared to other products with similar effects that are sold at much higher prices.

You can find it almost everywhere in Korea...like I've seen it at Lohb's, Olive Young, Watsons, etc. and then also at convenience stores like GS25 and even at Daiso.

If you're in a pretty populated area, so you can go between shops comparing prices, it might be worth your time. It goes on sale quite often, but the stores all run promotions at different times. I think I paid 4~5,000 for this bottle.

I usually use this lotion in the morning as part of my skincare and makeup routine. I use this Dr. Jart cream for my nighttime routine.

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