[Taipei] Ecole Cafe - Cute and cozy cafe with tons of vegan and vegetarian options!

We stopped off at Ecole Cafe in Taipei for some chill conversation in a really cute and cozy cafe!

Taiwan/Taipei Itinerary

One thing to note here is that this cafe is vegan friendly!
My friend's friend is vegan and writes a blog of all the vegan options in Taiwan and we came here on her suggestion!

I wasn't very hungry...I failed myself and the heat got the better of me (it was like 37-38 degrees!!) and at that temperature, I'm just kind of not feeling the need to digest. 😢

I did get an alcoholic latte and it was marvelous! I had never seen one before (maybe I'm sheltered?), but since it was vacation, I decided to treat myself.

I got the Cointreau latte ($200 TWD) and my friend got the Bailey's latte ($200 TWD) and a salad ($150 TWD).

The latte art was also quite cute even though it was simple!

I really liked the decor in this cafe. It was simple, but rustic. It's totally my type of cafe.

There is plenty of seating! About seats for 60 people, I estimate. There's also a nice sunny little alcove in the back that a group of moms and children were using for some sort of group meeting.

I could totally see myself going to this cafe to get some work done and eat delicious and healthy food. They also have free wifi, which is great as a tourist and local alike.

Apparently the claim to fame of this cafe is the carrot cake and other cakes! Sadly, I just couldn't do it! The great thing for me was that since it is a vegetarian/vegan-friendly cafe, the icing on the carrot cake is lactose-free!

I was definitely tempted, but we had plans already to go to the Mocktail tea shop (from a couple days ago) and a dinner appointment, so I just wanted to economize my stomach room!

The exterior is just so cute and simple! It is also so Taiwan! So many bikes!

The interior was also quite cute. I really liked this puppet friend right beside our table!

This cafe is also kind of like an interior design art space, so they have books and furniture pieces for sale, too!

It's just so quiet and cozy and a great place to get work done!
The rest of the post is the menu, so you can choose appropriately!

Right next to Daan Forest Park!
https://goo.gl/maps/Exn8NKUsAKv - Google Map location!

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