[Taipei - ATT4Fun] Mocktail - Bubble tea and tea shop

The first place I want to introduce is Mocktail! It's a modern, cool bubble tea shop located in ATT4Fun shopping center!

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I saw this place on Instagram in doing some pre-trip research and I knew I had to check it out!

Even though it was located in the mall, it still had a good ambiance and it was relatively peaceful. I guess I would also like to point out we went at kind of a strange time of day, around 5PM or so. We had to try to fit it in quickly before our dinner appointment.

You can see in the pictures we were the only people in the entire cafe. There are seats for about 50 customers!

My friend just wanted a black tea latte, but even that was delicious! You could still taste the tea and it was not overly sweet or overly milky, you know how sometimes it can be like that.

I was dumb and only took a picture of this page of the menu. It's the signature page! This is what I got!

I got the Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve ice cream! ($160 TWD)

Isn't it beatiful!~?
I opted for the Tieguanyin flavor, but they also have a matcha soft serve flavor, if that's what you prefer!
It's a little expensive, but it was worth it, in my opinion because it's just so darn cute and pretty unique. It's a nice treat yourself sort of drink.

On the bottom are jellies, then comes the pearl milk tea layer, and then it's topped with a generous serving of soft serve ice cream and a cookie wafer!

I highly recommend it! It's a nice chill place to just hang out for a few hours (we would have done that if we weren't in such a time crunch!)

The one thing to note is that they have a one order per person minimum, which is kind of annoying, but I understand why they do it and it shouldn't be that difficult to find something to order!

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