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[Taipei] 85 C Express - Sea Salt Coffee!

If you're in Taiwan, you MUST try the sea salt coffee at 85C (or 85C express)!!

Well, this is probably the least photogenic post in a while! I couldn't help it! A takeout cup of coffee looks like a take out cup of coffee everywhere!

The anti-spill stick is sure cute though! He's so happy. If he failed his job and I somehow spilled coffee on myself, I couldn't be mad, he obviously didn't fail maliciously.

Anyway, on my list was the Sea Salt Coffee at 85C!
My friend was a little skeptical about the thought of salt in coffee, but I convinced her to try it!

All my Taiwanese friends have recommended this cafe and this particular drink, so I knew I had to try it. There had to be something amazing about it!

There definitely was!
Number one, I am kind of obsessed with adding sea salt to things to draw out flavors that are generally in the background and the sea salt in the coffee definitely did this!

It's kind of a sea salt latte, so buyer beware if you're sensitive to lactose. I was okay, so I think the pasteurization process may be okay for my particular type of lactose intolerance.

I got a medium for 60 TWD, but they also have a large size.

We just grabbed it to-go at the 85 C Express on the corner by our hotel on our way to the airport bus.

They do have an extensive menu of beverages, too, if you want to try some other items.
The regular stores also have a wide variety of cakes and pastries that look quite delicious on Instagram and other blogs, but we just didn't have time because there was just so much to eat in Taiwan!

You can also get some cakes/pastries to go at the 85 C Express store!

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