[Snack Attack - Korea] Calbee Chargrill Steak Chips (Korea)

It's time for another snack attack post! One of the newest flavors of potato chips are the Chargrill Steak chips from Calbee.

Since I've been sick, my friends have been providing me with a stockpile of potato chips and various other chips of other kinds.

This particular brand is made using fresh potatoes. The flavor is...interesting. The best feature of Calbee chips is that they are wavy chips with the baby waves, which means that the flavor gets in everywhere. The bad thing is that the texture is wavy and the flavor gets in everywhere because if the flavor wasn't great, it's a whole lot of flavor.

Like most Korean chips, these are kind of sweet. I take that back, they are sweet.

The first few chips I had and I was so-so about the flavor. It kind of had a hint of meat flavor, but was mainly flavored like the marinade that may be on the meat.

It's kind of strange to say, but the flavor was kind of refreshing? Because of its sweet and slightly herb-y flavor, it kind of has a cooling effect when eaten.

It's definitely a unique flavor and I would probably eat it again, but it does not beat my all-time favorite Swing Chips - Soy Sauce Chicken Flavor!

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